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Metallix Partners With RS Bruce Ltd

Posted by: on March 21, 2017


Metallix Refining, a precious metals recycling company, with its refinery located in Greenville North Carolina, is proud to announce an industry-leading partnership with RS Bruce Ltd, a Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) recovery company, located in Sheffield, England.

Both Metallix Refining and RS Bruce Ltd, separately, have been very active working with Nitric Acid manufacturers. RS Bruce Ltd providing non destructive and destructive PGM clean down services and Metallix Refining purchasing and recycling the recovered PGM’s resulting from the clean downs.

By working together in an exclusive business partnership, Metallix Refining can now offer a better customer experience by creating a “one- stop-shop” for companies requiring clean downs for recovery and recycling of their PGM’s.


The APR³ is the only furnace of its kind in our industry and was specifically designed to meet the challenge of improving the processing of valuable “Burnable” scrap precious metals.

Metallix Refining is known throughout the precious metals recycling industry as a technological and customer service oriented refining company that continually seeks improvement for a better customer experience. Not too long ago, Metallix Refining announced the launch of the unique APR3 furnace. APR3 is ideally suited for processing precious metal scrap from clean down projects and has proven to be tremendously successful for Metallix Refining customers. Watch our video for a more in depth look at APR³ and how it works.

RS Bruce Ltd is world renowned for PGM clean down/recovery techniques and have over thirty years of experience. They are technology pioneers in the recovery of oxidized Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). Their specialty is identifying and recovering PGMs from key components within nitric acid plants; i.e. maximizing PGM recoveries for the benefit of the customer.  They pride themselves on being technically savvy, cost effective, and understanding the needs of the customer.

“For customers, the entire process of finding a good clean down company to work with, selecting a separate refiner, negotiating all the terms, and then coordinating it all is a big challenge!”  said Maria Piastre, VP of Metallix Refining.

“Now the customer can simply call Metallix and we can handle it all under our banner, making it really easy for our customers.”

Since Metallix Refining chooses only the best, most established companies to work with, RS Bruce Ltd will be an excellent partner for Metallix Refining and our customers. This partnership also creates more precious metals recovery opportunities for companies in other industries using precious metals that didn’t know clean down services were available to them. Metallix Refining is looking forward to introducing the “clean downs” to the entire precious metals recycling marketplace so more companies can benefit by working with us.

Our New Services

Metallix Refining is proud to serve all the PGM recycling needs of the Nitric Acid Industry. We can now offer a full complement of precious metals recovery solutions.


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