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Business Partnerships

Metallix Refining Inc. is interested in developing new partnerships with companies that specialize in various aspects of scrap precious metal collecting, recycling, and refining market.

We recognize the value of creating mutually beneficial relationships with other companies that can add dimensions to our capabilities in the scrap precious metals market. We believe the precious metals recycling industry offers great opportunities  to seek strategic partnerships that can strengthen our position in the market and better serve the industry.

Through a strategic partnership, together we have the potential to:

  • Become a more valuable entity for the industry
  • Strengthen our position in the market
  • Grow our businesses
  • Ensure the longevity of our companies

We invite precious metals scrap businesses with similar philosophies, and that are interested in partnering, to contact us to begin a constructive dialogue. All inquiries are received exclusively by the CEO of Metallix and will be kept confidential.

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