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Metallix Refining - EHS Management Overview
Metallix RefiningEHS Management Overview

EHS Management Overview


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  • Confidentiality Agreement

    Your access to Metallix's proprietary and confidential environmental, health and safety policies ("EHS Policies") on Metallix's website through the password provided constitutes your agreement to the following ownership, confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions:
    1. You (the user) acknowledge and agree that you do not own nor is Metallix granting you any license to use its EHS Policies.
    2. You (the user) acknowledge and agree that you are accessing the EHS Policies for the purpose of evaluating such policies and for no other purpose;
    3. You (the user) acknowledge and agree that you many not copy, use or adopt the EHS Policies without Metallix's written consent.
    4. You (the user) acknowledge and agree that the EHS Policies constitute the proprietary and confidential information of Metallix ("Confidential Information") and you agree not to disclose this Confidential Information to any person or entity outside of your company without first securing Metallix's prior, written consent.
    5. You (the user) acknowledge and agree that your unauthorized disclosure of this Confidential Information could irreparably harm Metallix's business and operations and agree that if you threaten to or actually disclose this Confidential Information, you authorize Metallix to obtain an injunction and other relief against you without the necessity of posting a bond or proving irreparable damages or the unavailability of other legal remedies and you will be responsible for all costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) and damages related to your threatened or actual breach of these provisions.
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