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The Metallix Analytical Laboratory sits at the heart of our refinery. The 4,000-square foot, custom built laboratory in Greenville, North Carolina is one of the industry’s leading facilities and clearly demonstrates our commitment to innovation and growth.

Our highly experienced, diverse team of laboratory technicians and analysts have a thorough understanding of the analytical process and are committed to ensuring that every result is accurate.

Marc Campillo, Refining Director at Metallix, is based in our plant in Greenville, North Carolina. He has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and has spent ten years working in different parts of the precious metals industry, from electronics to jewelry to catalyst.

“We have a great team at Metallix. We have people from different backgrounds that work together to ensure that the material is received and processed properly. We embrace equality in everything we do, and we always make sure that we get the best qualified person, regardless of their background.”


The Analytical Laboratory also plays an important role in supporting innovation at Metallix. The team is involved in developing and devising new recovery methods to improve returns, minimize environmental impact, and allow recycling of new waste streams

Metallix - analytical laboratory workers


The lab is fitted with cutting edge technology and equipment, enabling our staff to select the best tool for each element of the analytical process.

When a new material arrives in the Metal Analytical laboratory, our panel of experts reviews its characteristics and decides what testing needs to be performed prior to processing. We carry out the necessary experiments, determining the optimal conditions for processing.

The samples that are received for testing are meticulously analyzed to determine the precious metal contents and the value of the material.

Each step of the analytical process is performed in separate rooms in order to maximize efficiency and maintain optimal conditions.



Our fire assay and cupellation furnaces enable the team to test precious metals using the most common industry standards. They are complemented with high precision analytical balances, providing the foundation for accuracy.

In addition, XRF and elemental analysis techniques are used to determine matrix elements and ensure each sample is free of interferences. The combination of equipment and instrumentation in the lab, allows our team to accurately determine concentrations of precious metals in the samples spanning from trace levels up to 99.995% purity.

The lab also participates in several round robin testing programs in order to ensure repeatability of our results. Lab Manager, Julian Zhang is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the lab.

Metallix’s commitment to innovation is key to its success. It allows us to develop methods that align with our suppliers’ sustainability goals. Moving forward, we hope that Metallix advancements in technology and methodology will inspire the industry to become more efficient and embrace excellence in the field of precious metals recovery.

Marc Campillo-Funollet PhD – Refining Director

Metallix - Analytics Laboratory


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