Fuel Cells and Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Electrolyzers (PEM), 20 years ago most people did not know what these long developed, groundbreaking, and green technologies were; but Metallix did.

In 2011, most were not aware that there were around 100 fuel cell powered buses in operation around the world and today there are thousands; but Metallix is aware. In 2013, most did not know that there were 4,000 thousand fuel cell powered fork lifts in operation in the United States, with numbers today exceeding over 50,000; but Metallix knows.

Why was Metallix aware of the innovations, sustainability, and usage of Fuel Cells and PEMs when so many were not?

The answer is simple; because Metallix has been working with the companies that have innovated fuel cell and electrolyzer technology and exponentially grown their industry in recycling their precious metal bearing scrap for decades.

Just as these companies are innovators and leaders of the green energy movement, Metallix are pioneers and trailblazers of our industry.

Metallix has systematically developed our technology and processing methodologies to ensure fuel cell /PEM scrap is processed in the most environmentally responsible manner,  while increasing processing efficiencies to ensure our fuel cell/PEM partners receive the maximum precious metal value for their scrap.


  • MEAs /PEMs (scrap, disassembled, quality failures, ladders)
  • Platinum Plating Solution
  • PGM Coating Solution
  • Platinum Black / Iridium Black
  • Debris, Filters, Wipes, PPE, Spill Pads
  • Inks / Pastes
  • Lab / R&D Waste
  • Anode Packs (Platinum plated titanium screens, sinters




Contact one of our expert Precious Metal Buyers to discuss how we can optimize your precious metal recycling program. Our team has the knowledge and years of experience working with the fuel cell/PEM industry to ensure your scrap is recycled by the most environmentally sustainable processes, which produces superior precious metal value.

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