New York Platinum Week 2023

At Metallix we take pride in fostering excellence in our industry, we are committed to our investment for innovation, diversity and inclusiveness that will inspire a new generation. New York Platinum Week embraces all of these values, and we are immensely proud to take part and share some highlights from this amazing event.

As sponsors of both WiPGM’s and IPMI, these organizations have been at the forefront of promoting innovation and inclusivity in the precious metals industry. By partnering with them, we’re reaffirming our commitment to shaping our future.

Our CEO Maria Piastre recently had the privilege of speaking at an event hosted by WiPGM’s. Maria would like to express her heartfelt gratitude for the warm welcome she received, please join us in congratulating WiPGM’s and IPMI for their incredible work.

The team at Metallix were delighted to take part at this year’s Platinum Dinner hosted by IPMI, where the industry’s finest were in attendance to celebrate our shared goals and successes. We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone who showed their support and made this evening a resounding success.