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Metallix Refining - Metallix APR³ Furnace & Jeweler Sweeps: <em>Perfect Together!</em>
Metallix RefiningMetallix APR³ Furnace & Jeweler Sweeps: Perfect Together!

Metallix APR³ Furnace & Jeweler Sweeps: Perfect Together!

APR3 Furnace & Jeweler Sweeps | Precious Metals Recycling

Metallix Refining is pleased to present our NEW and Unique precious metals recycling furnace known as APR³ (Advanced Pyrolytic Reduction in its 3rd generation).

At Metallix, we understand that jeweler’s scrap such as Sweeps, Polishing Dust, Filters, Sludges and more are extremely valuable and sensitive to the precious metals recycling process. These materials must be processed in a careful and efficient way that reduces the possibility of precious metal losses.

Metallix’s APR³ furnace is very unique and was specifically designed to meet this challenge and improve the processing of jeweler’s scrap precious metals.

When the Sweeps & Polishings are loaded into APR³, the process thermally breaks down the scrap by creating an oxygen starved nitrogen infused atmosphere using radiant heat to control combustion of the scrap, thus creating a turbulent free environment inside the furnace to minimize precious metals losses.

APR³ is a new and superior design compared to traditional furnaces used to burn valuable sweeps and polishings. These furnaces use an oxygen rich atmosphere, where they can not control combustion, and risk losing your precious metals.

APR3 & How it Works

Metallix is continuously working on improving the precious metals recycling process and now after 4 years of careful development we can introduce APR³ as our most significant improvement to the precious metals recycling process and Metallix’ commitment to serve the Jewelry market well into the future.

Superior Customer Service for the Jewelry Industry

Metallix understands the fast pace business needs of the jewelry customer and has geared our customer service to exceed this market challenge. Metallix is committed to providing the highest level of service, serving small to large jewelry businesses alike.

Metallix employees are industry experts and have formed a team of precious metal buyers that will work with jewelers to develop a precious metals recycling strategy that will align with your business goals. Metallix’ experience, advanced precious metals recycling techniques, and commitment to superior customer service is what separates us from our competitors.

Upon request, we offer stone removal from karat gold scrap and assistance in coordinating the sale of customer owned diamond melee and stones.