Metallix Refining
New Jersey

Metallix Refining Inc. is a global, precious metals recycling company founded in 1968 and based in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, USA.

Our New Jersey headquarters are home to our buying team, with all financial processes and purchasing carried out there. With a modern and spacious interior, our headquarters regularly play host to visitors, suppliers and customers from around the world.

Our CEO, Maria Piastre, is also based in our New Jersey facility and as such it is a central hub for key business decisions, strategic planning and corporate governance.

The Metallix refinery is located in North Carolina, and we also operate from key strategic locations in the UK and Asia.

Wherever their location, our team of highly skilled professionals will be happy to provide your organization with a turnkey solution, designed to meeting your requirements.


Metallix Refining meeting in New Jersey
Metallix Refining New Jersey team meeting

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