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Metallix Refining - Jewelry Whitepaper 2017
Metallix RefiningJewelry Whitepaper 2017

The Future of Precious Metals Recycling and the Jewelry Industry

Metallix Refining Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of scrap precious metals recycling services to the jewelry market. Specialized in serving small to large jewelry businesses alike, we formed a team at Metallix of precious metal buyers that will work with jewelers to develop a precious metals recycling strategy that will align with their business goals. Metallix’ experience and advanced processing techniques in recycling scrap precious metals and knowledge of the jewelry industry separates them from the rest. Jewelry companies will benefit from Metallix’ attentive customer service and advanced recycling processes, resulting in a better vendor relationship experience and higher payouts for their precious metal bearing scrap.

Precious Metals Recycling: Serving the Jewelry Industry

Metallix Refining Inc. has developed a NEW and unique scrap precious metals recycling furnace known as APR³ (Advanced Pyrolytic Reduction in it’s 3rd generation). Metallix understands that certain scrap items such as; Floor Sweeps, Bench Sweeps, Polishing Dust, and Sludges are extremely valuable and sensitive to the precious metal recycling process. These materials must be processed in a careful and efficient way that reduces the possibility of precious metals losses.

APR³ is a very unique furnace designed to improve the value of jewelers’ scrap. When the Floor Sweeps, Bench Sweeps, Polishing Dust, and Sludges are loaded into the furnace, APR³ thermally breaks down the scrap precious metals by creating an oxygen starved nitrogen infused atmosphere using radiant heat to control the combustion of these highly valuable materials by creating a turbulent free environment inside the furnace to minimize
precious metals losses.

Metallix is continuously working on improving the precious metals recycling process and now after 4 years of development APR³ demonstrates the company’s commitment to serve the jewelry market well into the future.


Superior Customer Service for the Jewelry Industry

Dedicated to providing a courteous and professional customer experience, Metallix will develop a custom turn-key precious metals recycling solution that is designed specifically to address the needs of each jewelry customer. The Metallix’ team will handle all the details associated with conducting a transaction from transportation of their jewelry scrap, managing the material through the process to ensure the agreed-upon turnaround time is met, and payment is issued.

You’re in Control — Metallix’ unique “You’re in Control” policy allows the jeweler to retain title ownership of their scrap materials until the final purchase is approved by the jewelry customer. This policy differs from most other refining company’s when title ownership transfers to the refiner prior to the refiner purchasing the scrap. “You’re in Control” is an added benefit to Metallix’ customers, if for some reason they are not satisfied with the company’s performance and want their scrap returned. Remaining in control from start to finish allows jewelry customers to be secure and feel comfortable conducting transactions with Metallix.

What Type Of Jewelry Scrap Does Metallix Buy?

Developed to handle the wide variety of jewelry scrap items and quantities, Metallix’ state-of-the-art refinery has both large and small refining equipment making Metallix capable of servicing any size account. Here are some of the most common types of jewelry scrap materials Metallix purchases:

  • Karat gold jewelry
  • Sterling silver jewelry
  • Platinum jewelry
  • Palladium Jewelry
  • Polishing wheels
  • Crucibles
  • Floor Sweeps
  • Polishings
  • Filings
  • Bench Sweeps
  • Sludges

Stone Removal from Finished Pieces

Stone removal begins and ends with an industry standard process, which utilizes a mixture of acids called Aqua Regia. During this process, the precious metals that make up the finished pieces are dissolved into the solution for reclamation. The stones will not react the same way to the acid mix as the metal and are released into the solution which leaves the stones available for separate collection. Once the diamonds and stones are removed, the refinery will clean them in an ultrasonic solution.

Upon request, Metallix has the ability to assist in coordinating the selling of customer diamond melee and stones.

Environmentally Friendly Practices and Superior Technology

Metallix understands the importance of environmental regulations and has policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance throughout the precious metal recycling processes. Also, Metallix continues to make significant investments in employee safety training and new environmental controls. Metallix is committed to ensuring minimal impact to the environment, full compliance to government entities (OSHA, EPA and DOT), and worker safety; Metallix’ jewelry customers benefit by Metallix’ proactive approach and thus limit their liability when working with Metallix.

If you have any specific questions about your jewelry scrap, contact the Metallix Refining today at 800-327-7938 or