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Our Process

Metallix Refining purchases and processes scrap materials containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium.

We work with a wide variety of industries; including pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, medical device manufacturing, microelectronics and semiconductor, catalytic converter, electroplating, jewelry manufacturing and retail, nitric acid and automotive.

Our advanced processing technology significantly increases our recycling capabilities, providing an effective and expedient processing route for many precious metals.

We provide a full turnkey solution, scheduling all transportation, preparing all logistical documents, efficient processing and the purchase or metal transfer of your precious metal scrap.

Our Precious Metal Buyers will maintain an open dialogue with you throughout the process, keeping you in full control of your material.


Watch our process

Our process is the key to our success

Watch our video on our advanced thermal reduction process using the APR3, the only one of its kind in our industry.

A precious metals recycling company

Each division of Metallix offers recycling solutions specific to your business needs. We maintain advanced processes, strict EHS standards and are committed to superior customer service.

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Our state-of-the-art precious metals recycling facility is designed to efficiently process a wide variety of precious metals bearing industrial scrap materials, while paying strict attention to environmental, health, & safety issues and offering superior customer service.