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Metallix Refining - Our Process
Metallix RefiningOur Process

Our Process

Metallix’ recycling professionals possess the experience and expertise needed to handle your materials at every point along the journey. From scheduling the transportation of your precious metal-bearing scrap to our facility to processing the scrap and the final purchase of your precious metals, our processing departments work tirelessly to make the recycling process efficient, safe, and environmentally sound.

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Learn more about each of our processing departments:

Precious Metal Buyers

Our precious metals buyers know that selling your precious metal-bearing scrap is just one of your many daily responsibilities....

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Metallix Refining Inc. has all the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently process a wide variety of precious metal...

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Thermal Reduction

The Thermal Reduction Department, commonly referred to as the “Burn Department,” now features our new 2014 furnace know as APR³...

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Mechanical Reduction

Our mechanical reduction department uses various types of equipment (i.e. ball mills, shredders, shears, sifters, & blenders) to reduce...

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Catalytic Converter Processing

Metallix Refining has opened a new state-of-the-art scrap catalytic converter processing facility located in Maxton, North Carolina. The new...

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Our melt department utilizes high-temperature induction melting furnaces. They range in capacity from just a few troy ounces up...

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Wet Chemical

Metallix’ wet chemical department processes cyanide and acid solutions that contain precious metals. We purchase precious metal bearing cyanide solutions containing gold and silver.

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Cleaning and Precious Metals Recovery

Metallix Refining Inc. can provide specialized precious metal recovery and clean up services to a diverse sector of industries....

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After scrap precious metals have been processed on the refinery floor, samples of each lot are sent to the...

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Environmental Health & Safety

The environment, and the health and safety of our employees and visitors, are our top priorities at Metallix Refining Inc.

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When it comes to security, Metallix Refining Inc. doesn’t cut corners. We utilize state-of-the-art security equipment to make sure...

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