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Cleaning & Precious Metals Recovery

We can provide specialized precious metal recovery and clean up services to a diverse sector of industries.

Recovery & Cleanup

We offer precious metal recovery and clean-up services for a variety of industries that use precious metals.

We recover Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, and Iridium. Including, but not limited to; electro-plating, jewellery manufacturing, specialty chemical, and machining of components.

Metallix has unmatched expertise to recover residual precious metals from processing areas, reactors, storage tanks, piping and ventilation systems, dust collection systems, carpeting and flooring, walls, and other areas that may collect precious metal particulate, residues, or sludge.

precious metal recovery and clean up services

precious metal recovery services

Recovery Experts

Through our precious metal recovery service, we can find, recover and pay for valuable precious metals once thought “lost” in processing.

Metallix will send our recovery experts to your facility for a no obligation evaluation. We will then provide a quote for the clean up work and purchasing of the precious metals.

Contact one of our precious metal buyers today to learn more about precious metal recovery and clean up services or schedule a pickup.

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