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Environmental Health & Safety

Limiting Your Liability Through EHS

The environment, and the health and safety of our employees and visitors, are our top priorities at Metallix Refining Inc. We understanding the risk associated with recycling precious metal-bearing scrap, and take responsibility to protect our team and the environment seriously.

Industry Regulations

Our EHS manager completes regular inspections of the refinery to confirm that Metallix is in compliance with the federal, state, and local regulations that govern our business. The EHS manager is onsite during business hours, and is available at all times to speak with scrap suppliers and customers who might have questions about our EHS procedures.

Environmental Health & Safety


Environmental Controls

Scrap precious metals are typically contained in tough materials, and we want to be certain that our employees’ health, safety, and the environment are protected at all times.

To accomplish this, we have made a significant investment in the engineering and fabrication of new environmental controls to manage the precious metal recycling process. Our advanced air-pollution control and air-handling systems effectively manage our emissions, and keep us in compliance with the regulations that govern our facility.

Safety First

Metallix employees are required to complete yearly safety and first-aid training. Employees are trained to properly use personal protective equipment, including respiratory equipment, safety glasses, gloves, fire-retardant clothing, earplugs, and more. A first-aid team is on site at all times.

Additionally, all equipment, including employee protective gear, emergency equipment, chemical storage, machine guarding, fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers, are inspected by a third party several times each year.

We kindly ask that visitors to Metallix complete a safety orientation before touring our facility.