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Thermal Reduction

Metallix Refining’s pioneering, industry-leading technology allows us to optimize the process of each lot of precious metal bearing materials to enhance their value for customers and suppliers.

Unmatched expertise

Most burnable precious metals materials such as resins, filters, jeweler’s sweeps, wipes, jars, catalysts and sludges are extremely valuable but also extremely sensitive to losses during the precious metal thermal reduction process. Meticulous engineering and customization of the furnaces is critical to optimizing outcomes and precious metal values.


These factors are why our Precious metal Thermal Reduction department offers unmatched expertise in addition to the most advanced equipment in the market.



Our internal review board assesses every lot of burnable precious metal bearing material arriving at our facility. Analyzing the physical characteristics, volatility and safety data of each lot, the board draws up ideal atmospheric conditions designed to reduce the possibility of precious metals losses while increasing outcomes and control.

Higher combustion material is reduced using our APR³, an oxygen-starved furnace specially designed for the most vulnerable precious metals.

As materials travel through APR³, the furnace thermally reduces the organics surrounding the precious metals by way of radiant heat. It is a turbulent-free environment that minimizes precious metals losses.

TR1 & TR2

In our TR1 and TR2 furnaces, precious metal thermal treatment conditions are customized and fine-tuned according to formulas designed specifically for each supplier’s materials. By adjusting temperature, cooling time and airflow, conditions are optimized as are precious metal values.

Metallix employee working at precious metals refining and recycling process

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Our advanced precious metal thermal reduction for the recycling of precious metal bearing materials, the APR3, is the only one of its kind in our industry. It is designed to improve the processing of valuable “burnable” materials, reduce losses and cross contamination.

Environmental Controls

As the APR³, TR1 and TR2 furnaces thermally reduce precious metal bearing materials, gases and some particulates rise into the pollution control process. These particles flow into the afterburner, where the majority are either neutralized or destroyed by its high temperature. What gases and particulates remain next flow into the wet scrubber system for further neutralization and capture, cleansing the air stream to regulated permissible levels, before emitting the cleaned air into the atmosphere.

Customizable & Flexible Processing

We do not view burnable precious metal bearing materials with a “one size fits all” mentality as shown by our innovative, industry-leading thermal reduction technology and equipment.

By having multiple furnaces, each with different processing specialties, we offer a customized and flexible processing technique for every lot of burnable precious metal bearing material, resulting in maximum efficiency and precious metal value.

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