Claudio Ferrini, is a respected and authoritative voice in the field of precious metals refining. His passion for the industry inspires the R&D team at Metallix to pursue pioneering processes to meet global demand, ensuring Metallix remains the preferred refining partner for customers worldwide.

Using the Wet Chemical process, Claudio and the Metallix team have redefined our approach to processing and upgrading challenging precious metal and bearing materials into high-grade Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

At Metallix, we develop new technologies to advance the industry and provide our customers with tomorrow’s technology today. Through patented methodologies and innovative design, our flexible approach delivers tailored, sustainable growth to a global customer base, decreasing processing times without compromising on safety and our commitment to sustainability.

“I am very proud of Metallix growth, the passion and dedication shown by all the team. The impact our innovations are making on the industry open new opportunities for both the company and customers worldwide.”

Maria I. Piastre, CEO Metallix