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Precious Metal Buyers

Our precious metals buyers know that selling your precious metal-bearing scrap is just one of your many daily responsibilities. That’s why we work with you to develop a precious metal recycling program that aligns with your business goals and makes your job easier.

The precious metals buyers at Metallix Refining Inc. have extensive experience working in a variety of industries that use precious metals. We understand how to handle each industry’s scrap and provide a level of customer service that will consistently exceed your expectations.

As your day-to-day contact, your precious metals buyer will handle all the details associated with conducting a transaction with Metallix. Beginning with transportation of your precious-metal-bearing scrap to our site, to ensuring that your agreed-upon turnaround time is met and that your payment is issued in a timely manner.

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If your company has precious-metal-bearing scrap on-site, contact a precious metals buyer at Metallix Refining Inc. to learn more about our process, and to schedule a pickup.

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