Hello, I am Maria Piastre, CEO of Metallix Refining, America, Asia, and the UK.

I truly believe that a key part of my role as CEO is to embrace the rich, multicultural diversity of my team, creating a supportive ecosystem where people feel valued, have the tools to develop their skills, and see a long-term future with our company.

Our partners and industry peers know that equality is central to our core values at Metallix, and we work every day to build a culture which accepts and celebrates individual choice and where we show compassion to those that need our support.

At Metallix, these core values reach beyond our business through the pledges we make to initiatives that make an impact on the lives of those experiencing challenges.

Christmas is a season of goodwill, health, and happiness and of families sharing this special time together. Sadly, this is not always possible for many reasons. So now more than ever, we should all try and show our support to those charities that do amazing work, providing help during this difficult time.

During this Holiday Season, Metallix are pledging to support twelve charities, which have been nominated by employees from each of our global locations. From today through to the 25th of December, Metallix will promote each of these charities, and we hope that others will join in our effort to make a difference.