As 2021 draws to a close, we reflect on a year in which all industries have experienced their share of problems, from Covid-19 restrictions, to global shortages and even long delays caused by a ship wedged in the Suez canal. 

The incredible dedication of our employees, partners and suppliers worldwide, made it possible for us to maintain all our operational activities, despite that incredibly challenging context. Our supply chain and deliveries to customers have been uninterrupted, thanks to the strength and resilience of our people and operations. 

With this in mind, we’d like to take a moment to focus on the work of our Global Logistics team.  


Vital infrastructure 

We understand that scheduling the transportation of your precious metal bearing material to our recycling facilities is a task that takes valuable time and resources away from your busy day.  Contacting carriers, creating labels, generating manifests and understanding waste codes can be a full-time job in itself. That’s why we take all the time and work away from you, allowing you to focus on your job. 

Our dedicated team of logistics and transportation experts provide a vital infrastructure that our clients know they can rely on. Their service includes:  

  • scheduling your pickup according to your needs and availability 
  • completing all required documents including land ban, hazardous waste and customs paperwork 
  • sending you prefilled labels and placards and the necessary DOT approved shipping containers 



Introducing the team 

We’re confident that you’ll experience exceptional customer service from the moment you engage with our team, to the moment your pick-up or delivery is completed. Our team are true professionals and nothing is ever too much trouble. The designated account management service provided by our logistics management team ensures smooth and efficient results.  

 Logistics is managed across two Metallix sites – Greenville, North Carolina and our New Jersey office. The Metallix fleet of vehicles is managed by the Shipping and Receiving Department based at our precious metals refinery in North Carolina.  

Headed up by Corey Coltrain, Inventory Control & Logistics Manager, the department works closely with Yamilet Machado, our Global Logistics Specialist and Susan Van Valkenburg, Logistics Manager. 

Both Susan and Yamilet are key members of our team, maintaining an open dialog with all Metallix suppliers, providing shipping dates, times and ensuring all documentation is in place to ensure the efficient and expedient movement of precious metal bearing materials. 


Beyond borders 

Our ability to safely transport your precious metal bearing material to our facilities goes beyond borders. We transport hazardous and non-hazardous material from around the globe, including Central and South America, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia.

We provide transboundary movement contracts partnered with the world’s most reliable and secure logistics companies to quickly and efficiently transport material to our recycling facilities.

Our audited and approved freight forwarding service providers support us in the shipment of precious metals bearing scrap materials, helping our customers to realize valuable revenue and achieve a program of sustainability.

The Metallix fleet 

We also have a modern, state of the art fleet of Metallix owned and operated trucks, driven by our team of dedicated professionals. Our trucks are licensed and placarded to safely transport material in the Northeast and Southeast states for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

In addition, we have monthly, scheduled West Coast & Midwest hazardous waste “milk runs” that transport manifested waste such as reactive/cyanide solutions & solids, flammable and/or toxic solids. Our approved hazardous waste transporters all follow RCRA & DOT guidelines. We also schedule quarterly haz runs compatible for corrosive/acid liquids & solids.


Fleet tracking 

Fleet tracking helps us to maximise effectiveness and efficiency across our operations. Geotab is a secure, web-based analytics fleet tracking system used by Metallix. Customised for our unique business platform, Geotab processes billions of data points per day and leverages data analytics and machine learning to monitor vehicle location, fuel usage and driver behaviour.  


24/7 GPS 

Our 24/7 GPS system carries out live fleet tracking, providing a record of every journey from start to finish. It details idling times, exact routes taken and the speed of the vehicle at each waypoint. Our system is programed to highlight prohibited zones and alert our drivers to specific information they may require for their journey. 

Vehicle and consignment surveillance 

Each Metallix vehicle is installed with the Rosco surveillance system, capturing high-quality camera footage, including forward-facing, rear-facing and within the trailer, night and day and in all weather conditions. This helps our drivers and logistics team operate in a safe, efficient, and socially responsible way. It also provides the logistics management team with instance access to uploaded data following a collision, near miss or suboptimal driving event. 


ELD (Electronic Log-In Device) 

Our Electronic Log-in Device (ELD) logs the hours of service for each vehicle, in compliance with Federal Department of Transport requirements. Manual backup systems are also available on all vehicles. 


Load restraints and capabilities 

Maintaining the integrity of our consignments whilst in transit is of paramount importance. Our vehicles are fitted with restraining rails to ensure that all drums and mobile equipment remain completely secure at all times. 

Metallix vehicles are also fitted with hydraulic tailgate lifts for ease of loading. They are designed to withstand the weight of a forklift, enabling consignments to be loaded directly within the trailer. However, all vehicles carry pallet jacks, spill kits and other essential items as standard. 



At Metallix, we put safety and security first. As you would expect, we hold comprehensive insurance to safeguard all our shipments and personnel.

Metallix is EPA registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the handling of hazardous waste, waste manifests and associated documents. 

To learn more about our Global Logistics services and how they can benefit your organisation, please contact one of our Precious Metal Buyers.