Globally, The Salvation Army needs little introduction. It’s an international charitable organisation; a Protestant church with membership of over 1.7 million, serving those who are hurt in 130 countries around the world.

To put it simply, The Salvation Army exists to meet human need – wherever, whenever and however they can – and without discrimination.

But there’s one branch that especially deserves the praise of everyone at Metallix: The Salvation Army in New Jersey. That’s because one of our team received their help in turning things around when he lost his home in a hurricane.

This is of course, just one example of the work they do. From understanding the obstacles, hardships, and challenges of the local population, to building programs designed to offer immediate relief, short-term care, and long-term growth in areas that will benefit the community the most, The Salvation Army in New Jersey works tirelessly to help.

And that’s why we’re giving something back by supporting them this Christmas.

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