Metallix Refining Inc., proud sponsors of Women in Platinum Group Metals (WiPGM)

Under the leadership of Maria I. Piastre, President of Metallix Refining Inc., the company has a rich multicultural workforce, where diversity is embraced, with zero tolerance for discrimination and bullying, and where talent is rewarded on ability and not gender.

These core company values have seen the women of Metallix excel in key leadership roles making a valuable contribution to the precious metals recycling and refining industry.

The importance of women in PGM networking group:

The group is not about segregating gender or praising women for their gender rather than their skill set, but rather about the empowerment of women to compete equally with their male counterparts in an industry that historically has been a male environment. The women in the PGM network provides a valuable support system where women can learn and support each other and provide a valuable pipeline into many different industries globally.