Metallix Refining Inc., leaders in precious metals recovery, refining and recycling are pleased to announce its newly formed European presence, Metallix Refining Europe, Ltd.

Based in South Yorkshire, England, the United Kingdom location puts Metallix in close reach of existing European clients as well as broadening our reach to satisfy the global demand for platinum group metals recovery from the nitric acid  industry. Its leadership hires bring decades of experience in precious metals refining and recycling, with specific expertise in the nitric acid industry.

The UK team is lead by the Director of Global Operations, Leon Ratliff.  Leon states, “I am proud to be a member of such an exceptional and dedicated team of professionals. With this new group, precious metals recycling customers can expect another level service from Metallix. We intend to set an industry standard by which all others will be measured.”

“A bright and exciting opportunity presented itself to finally be a part of this  advanced-thinking, family-orientated business,” says Gavin Wigley, Metallix Refining Europe’s Global Operations Manager. “Metallix supports ideas and promotes initiatives to strive towards being the best that we can be in both the precious metal recovery and recycling sectors.”

In previous roles, Wigley managed upwards of 130 precious metals recovery projects in over 30 different countries.

Joining him at Metallix Refining Europe, Ltd are Technical and Marketing Manager Alan Frail, who brings more than 30 years of experience in commercial design and marketing (ten of them in precious metals recovery) and Cameron Frail, Precious Metal Recovery Specialist, who has completed precious metals recovery projects in the Americas and throughout Europe.

Metallix President, Maria Piastre, states, “For years, Metallix Refining has been growing and adapting in an ever changing environment to best serve our customer’s needs. With the opening of Metallix Refining Europe Ltd., our ability to broaden our scope and provide the best precious metals recycling and recovery choice not only in Europe, but globally for our customers is beyond compare.”

Like Metallix’ longstanding U.S. operations, Metallix Refining Europe expertly handles clients’ precious metal scrap recycling and refining from start to finish, working within the strict parameters of international compliance and environmental regulations to offer maximum return on value.

Alan Frail, Global Technical and Marketing Manager
[email protected]